If you have an interst in movies and collectable items from the past and present the following websites will be of interest to you. We accept no advertising of any kind for displaying these sites. We truly recommend you visit the following websites from around the world for fun and information. A brief description is next to the site.

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Sites of Movie Poster Dealers: vintage movie poster site with a verity of other types of posters plus does a price guide! good mix of vintage and new posters. price guides and sells lots of posters over the Internet, must register on site has a Godzilla site that covers every aspect of the film series, including original Japanese posters. has movie posters and memorabilla plus price lists. has a well organized site with a large number of posters for sale. is a selective source for movie posters.n good selection of vintage movie posters and information is an well-organized Italian site which has vintage posters, and related movie memorabilia has a good collection of vintage posters and related memorabilia items has a large supply of 1940's to 1970 vintage posters has a good selection of posters from 1940's to 1980 has a wonderful website filled posters of the past 30 years all priced! vintage movie and television items Lots of cowboy posters and tips on restoration sells repros of over 4000 different movie posters and lobby cards is a nicely laid-out vintage posters and restoration site. Under products and services discription on the linen backing method of restoration. is a British, American and Western Europe movie poster site is a Canadian firm that has 1980s and 1990s posters and reprints of vintage posters contemporary movie posters, stills, TV shows and presskits. is an Italian site with vintage Italian movie posters for sale. has over 10,000 Polish posters from 1900 to 1998, very striking and unusual. Swedish site containing Swedish movie posters and lobby cards is a site from Poland that has lots of Polish posters Large number of Disney posters, lobby cards and more for sale Spanish movie posters movie poster and related media items European movie poster website with posters and stills from the 1950s on. Posters from U.S. and foreign countries. German plus U.S. and European film posters from the 40's to 80's movie lobby cards movie books, posters, and lobby cards Posters and movie memorabilia movies, posters and related memorabilia posters, lobby cards, and pressbooks Japanese movie posters along with Hollywood and European memorabila movie posters and memorabila movie and music related memorabila

Movie Poster Framing, Restoration and Storage movie poster restoration is a nicely laid-out vintage posters and restoration site. Under products and services discription on the linen backing method of restoration. movie posters restoration sells archival movie poster frames Mylar sleeves and other archival storage materials for collectibles

Non-Commercial Sites: movie poster price guide, poster software, movie poster forums, movie posters articles, movie poster image galleries, and much more sites devoted to vintage stars is a website devoted to free information for collectors about movie posters site filled with links, info about movie posters, and a e-mail list publishes a bi-weekly magazine about movie poster hobby (subscription necessary). many good features for poster collectors good site for fans of old movies site devoted to war film posters and artwork site reviews the worst films ever made site has good reviews on movies and equipment source for images of actors directors and posters contains resources for old B-movies Norwegian collector with interest in sci-fi, exploitation and Norwegians in international films. several individual sites dedicated to Michael Caine, Steve McQueen, Star Trek, and much more! images of posters listed by year and title tribute pages to westerns with images and articles site which pictures private collection (Hepburn, Wayne, Eastwood, Liz Taylor, Doris Day, & Best Pictures)! is an active forum/discussion group for movie poster collectors plus sales on e-Bay.

Videos, DVDs and Other Media: new and used videos, store liquidation Great movie site with lost of information about movies and stars. Adult collectables along with toys, new and used videos and more. used and new VHS, DVD's and games
www.videooyster site buys and sells rare tapes mostly on e-Bay good selection of videos good source for hard-to-find movies and TV shows in VHS
Universal Studios entertainment supplier (major studio)
United Artists, Orion & Trimark access to multiple entertainment suppliers on this one website (major studios)
Columbia Tri Star Studio & Triumph Films access to multiple entertainment suppliers and catalog on this one website all owned by Sony Corporation (major studios )
New Line Cinema entertainment supplier (major studio)
Disney entertainment supplier (major studio)
Warner Bros entertainment supplier (major studio)
Paramount entertainment supplier (major studio)
First Look Pictures/Overseas Filmgroup entertainment supplier
Miramax & Dimension Film entertainment supplier
Fine Line Films entertainment supplier
Touchstone Pictures entertainment supplier
Gramercy Pictures and Polygram entertainment supplier
20th Century Fox entertainment supplier (major studio)

Other Sites You’ll Want To Visit: site that specializes in collectible trading cards (monsters and horror) is the official database for Broadway theatre information. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today.

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